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GUESS WHO PRE-ORDERED for the first time ever KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 REMIX AND PICKED IT UP TODAY??? I DID!1!11!!1!1 omfg it's sho beautiful CREYZ. I was actually pretty depressed when I picked it up LOLOL 'cause I was expecting huge ass artbook you know, but when I got my receipt it said no artbook and I was like :icontearplz:... but actually, the disc case IS in fact the artbook LOL. It blew my mind I-- SO YEAH, THE LEFT PICTURE IS IN FACT MY ARTBOOK/DISC CASE. It's really really tiny though LOL size of a regular PS3 game case. The right is just the cover of it LOL sho pretty ahhhhh :iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz: memory lane here I come !!!

Anyway, I'm like, literally almost a month late but I want to say thank you so much for all those who greeted me on my birthday ! ; v ; I am officially legal now LOLOL meaning I'm 18 /wears cool sunglasses

And I especially love all the cute arts some of you guys drew for me ;v; like:

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THESE :iconcylcca:
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BEAUTIFUL :icondreamychocola:

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ONES!!!!! :iconkarudoll: AHHHH /SCREAMS

I am not worthy of such proness :icontearplz:

As for the last third of this journal, yes, SoKai Day is coming up on September 17 and I've been busy for it TRYING to find motivation creyz and I definitely have some previews for my watchers! ; v ;

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This is like my first and MAYBE only drawing I have for SoKai Day LOLOL 'CAUSE SORA'S HAIR I JUST CANNOT. I SPENT MORE TIME DRAWING IT THAN DRAWING EVERYTHING ELSE + COLORING I--- :iconotlplz: I don't even know how to lineart anymore sob this is just the sketch preview, I'm already done with it LOL.

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As for those who watch me for my MMDS, here are my previews for sokai day !!! The first two are actually one whole picture lol. The one labeled "tag team" is a whole separate one. Might make more considering these are easy and fast to make.

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Last but not least, yes I am re-doing the kiss PLZs for sokai day !!! I don't know if I'll be able to finish the KH I and BBS versions so just deal with my KH II Kairi with her Carl's Jr. star for now 'cause Sora's hair hahahaha /bawls

Well, that's it for now ! ; v ; Who else got KH 1.5 Remix!? And what's up with my watchers nowadays? /tries to be social :iconsparklesplz:

EDIT: WOW, I didn't realize my previews were all so big ahaha... |||||||| SORRY FOR ALL MY FLAWS. :icontearplz: /too lazy

Moved to LA!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 3:52 PM
Some of you may have noticed my absence but now I'm back! ;v; 

I recently gone to the Philippines for a week and unfortunately, none of my relatives have wifi so I had to deal with Globe's slow cellphone internet connection that crashes my browser every time. =__=

But now, I am in Los Angeles, California where I will be attending uni here. ;v; gahh I miss my simple life in Guam.

So how is everybody? With the huge announcements SE made at E3, I am for sure gonna be broke LOL.

Choose which art and MMD I should re-do!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 10:38 PM
omg, long time no see everybody LOL.

Although it seems like I haven't left since I still post art and MMDs here and there, it's been a while since I last communicated with my watchers. ;v; So how are you guys?

I was browsing through my gallery because I am a masochist like that and I just can't stand looking at the other half of my gallery LOL. It's like: Jesus, did I really draw like this back then...

So I need your help~! I want to redraw one art and redo one MMD but I just can't figure out which one is the worst of them all cuz all of them are soooo bad should I redo the most.

Which one do you want to see the most redone? ;v; Please choose 2 from each category ;v; (2 art and 2 MMDs)

Although I can't guarantee I'll draw it exactly like it used to be (i.e. A full body old artwork may be drawn only from head to waist) because I'm lazy like that, I will try my best to make it look better. XD

And since I'm a tad more experience with MMD, I can guarantee you the size and quality will be muchhhhh bigger LOL, like the size of my recent MMDs are now.

Can't wait for your input! ;v;

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Summary of Art + MMD/XNALARA 2012 + SS doujinshis

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 8:25 PM
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Merry Christmas guys! 8DD Well, it's Christmas in my timezone at least lol. Since I don't like posting these sort of stuffs in my gallery, here is a meme of my drawings + MMD/XNAlara in 2012, gif form. XD I am glad that I improve over the year! And now that I have a tablet, I hope I continue to get better using it~ I can't make any XNAlara pics as some may have noticed for the past couple of months due to my dead computer and it's not supported in my laptop. D8

Anyway, I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and get lots and lots of fat! 'Cause that's what's happening to me at the moment haha, what is being healthy. |||

Anway, I don't think I have a lot of sasusaku watchers yet, but I figured I post this anyway. :iconmisskirie: and I were able to translate the Japanese -> Spanish version of  Tokimeki Shounen (Boy's Heartbeat) and Beautiful Morning doujinshis into English, both drawn by Fujitani Youko with WILL. If anyone is interested in getting them, just click the images below~

P.S. If you are interested in getting them, instead of reblogging your answers (if you have a tumblr), just note me your answers here. xD It's easier for me.

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Christmas Break and Secret Santa!

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 11:20 PM

Hello hello~! Haven't posted a journal in a while~ \o/

As some of you may know, I am finally on my Christmas Break. 8D Huzzahhh! But it's gonna be full of writing essays, that's for sure. |||OTL

BUT I THINK I WILL SPEND A FEW DAYS JUST RELAXING. After all, I need to regenerate all my lost brain cells sob.

Anyway, I think I am going to be someone's secret santa this year LOL. It's to show a token of my appreciation to my watchers. ;v; But only one lucky winner gets a gift from me this year. XD So here are the rules!

1. Just comment this journal with your wishlist of what you want me to draw for you.

THAT'S IT. 8D I'll randomly select a number so that it is fair. None of this first come first serve basis lol. The number of your comment will be what the number selection will be based on so don't worry about the number~

So comment me your wishlist~ that is if you even want my sucky art for Christmas lol |||OTL...

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Pokemon Props and Tablet!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 3, 2012, 5:39 AM

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So I took my senior graduation photos about a weekend back and my theme for it was Pokemon! I barely had any Kingdom Hearts merchandise other than the game covers so I wasn't able to do that lol. I made all the props + sign on the day I was to take my senior photos. XDDDD Each poke ball I made is a symbol for something:

Poke Ball = Childhood
Net Ball = Forever trap in school
Premier Ball = I am lazy/procrastination

8DDD The sign took me so much time though. I had to measure stuffs here and there, and sob the 'you' couldn't fit so I just made it vertically LOL. :iconokayfaceplz: But I like it! I incorporated the pikachus (PokeSpe!Red/Yellow's pikachus) and the pokeball somewhere in those lines like I said I would. XD

And yes, that is my school uniform LOL. Forever cutting off my ugly face though.

>Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As for the 'tablet' part of my journal title, YES! I finally got a tablet! 8DDDD It would have been the first thing I would ever buy online with my own money, but wacom doesn't ship to where I live creyz. So I got it as a super belated birthday gift from my bro LOL.

IT IS BEAUTIFUL SOB. THE PRESSURE AND EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. But omg, I feel like I went back to square one with drawing 'cuz I can't seem to draw decently anymore LOL. :iconlazycryplz: Gonna take a while for me to get used to.

But! I'll give you a sneak preview of me using it.

So my fangirl buddy 5ever :iconkarudoll: and I were discussing which otps will look well in other otp's clothes and I had an epiphany with noerah and sokai LOL. I thought Serah and Kairi look pretty well if you reverse their clothes. I mean, same color scheme actually, pink dress with lavender footwear. Not to mention their role in their first game are actually the same LOL.


Imagery I cannot. So I decided to doodle Noerah!SoKai while she doodled SoKai!Noerah LMAO. Here's my part:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


But overall, tablet is pretty fun. It is sho fun to navigate everywhere with lol, too bad I have to reach over for the keyboard creyz.

But good God, what is having a break. My deadline for a college is coming up soon and I have yet to start on those 500 word essays. :iconlazygallowplz:

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Finished KH DDD and Updated Stamps

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 11:02 PM

What the heck did I just play for two months on my 3DS LOL.

After some obstacles, mainly school and extreme exhaustion, I finally finished DDD! I never been so confused and trolled all my life until I played this game LMAO...

BUT ALL MY FEELS. :iconmahfeelsplz: I won't spoil the game/plot to you guys in case anyone doesn't want spoilers but omg Riku < 333. This is definitely his game. ;v; My love for him is just adgwiuegfuwe :iconmahfeelsplz: amplified sho sho much. BUT SORA ON THE OTHER HAND LMAO... :iconiknowthatfeelplz:...

But I must say something about the game that doesn't reflect any of the story line (at least, not much at all). WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THE TAG 30 SORAS BUSINESS AROUND THE ENDING OF THE GAME LMAO. So at the end of the game, you play as Riku and you have to freaking tag 30 spinning soras, KH I AND KH II versions, before you can open up a portal while avoiding all the attacks made by Anti-Soras. I can't. Why Square Enix, why LOLOL. It was so funny to see a group of Soras spinning around and I have to go freaking tag them. WHAT WAS THE POINT IN THIS AGAIN... OH RIGHT. TO OPEN A PORTAL. SEEMS LEGIT.

And the ending credits omg. I feel so noob when they started bringing in letters and I got "This 1 eadsto Kingdom Hearts" I WAS PONDERING SO HARD WTF EADSTO MEANS UNTIL I REALIZED IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE "THIS LEADS TO KINGDOM HEARTS" LOL. I thought the L was a one... :iconokayfaceplz:

The last ending credits I was flying around as KH II Sora omg. I thought it was for fun so I was like "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE" passing through them credits until halfway through I saw gold letters and I realized you were supposed to tag them to get a secret message :iconokayfaceplz:. I had to go through the whole credits again to see what them letters spelled out and it was so stupid LOL. It spelled out "Secret message unlocked." :iconmingplz: WASTED 5 MINS FOR NOTHING.

Speaking of KH II Sora, assuming everyone KNOWS you'll see that version again in the game, I just don't know why I can't play him with his KH II attire once you see it in the cutscenes again... His DDD attire just looks stupid. ,__,;;

But all in all, I GETS TO WATCH THE CUTSCENES AGAIN. 8DDD Forever replaying the NekuShiki ones and the scene in KH I where Kairi comes flying in. :iconmahfeelsplz: The model looks so good now. She doesn't look scary when she did that anymore LOL.

As for the other half of this journal, I updated some of my KH stamps~ :la: The ones I've updated are all of these:

Can you tell which worlds are behind each stamp? :la: I know some are hard to tell but stamps are indeed very small (not to mention the fact the pairing blocks most of them) and the worlds I've used were pretty... dark. But kudos to you if you know each the stamps' worlds. XD It's not that hard to figure out anyway.

I just had the sudden need to update them because I noticed some people were using my stamps in their profile and it just looks so... ugly, the background I mean. It's hideous LOL, it doesn't quite match the mobile avatars so I switched them world backgrounds. I only updated the main pairings 'cuz what in the world (you see what I did thar) do I use for crack pairings... for now but will update the trios and the rest later on. I'll notify update one of them so my watchers can tell when I updated them since, who would want to be spammed by stamps in their messages/deviations? XD So look out for the updates/that one updated stamp!

Back to my hellhole, I mean grave... :iconlazypoolplz::iconlazygallowplz:

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I am an OCD freak + Tumblr

Sat Sep 8, 2012, 4:37 AM
How many deviants do you know out there who will stop at nothing to make their profiles look equal and straight? LOL.

Well, you know one now! 8D I literally stopped at nothing to make sure my profile looks nice, straight, and equal. XDDD Even my gallery and favorites are organized!Tell me what you think? Hopefully, it will stay like that. I don't want my profile to be too overcrowded with stuff; that'll just make loading my profile even slower and no one wants that!

And if you think my OCDness stops at DeviantART, well think again! I was a bit skeptical to reveal my tumblr publicly since, well, for one it has my real name in it, and two it was a huge disorganizing mess. It looks a lot better now with all them major taggings I did and removing any traces of my real name.

So anyone is free to follow! Right now, it's a huge Naruto-fested blog LOLOL (I need Naruto frenzy watchers :icontearplz:) but I reblog some other KH stuffs and what not. Just look at the tag tab if anything. Click below to enter my tumblr~

To all my SoKai watchers, which I know is probably 2/3s of you guys, are you getting prepared for SoKai day which is coming up on September 17? 8D I hope so! I actually got one artwork (or to be realistic 50%) done so far which is pretty good considering the last time I drew SoKai was Christmas 2011 LMAO... Jesus Christ, I didn't think it would be THAT long. x_x;;;

I wasn't able to celebrate it last year because I was still a loner in DA LOL so I hope I get to spend it with the SoKai fans~!

Being busy to the point of exhaustion is an understatement. I have never been tired so much in my life until this school year. :iconlazygallowplz: So bear with me on my lack of artwork since this is my last year of High School and it's a crucial time too. College is so stressing. x_x;; I still have yet to find a good one in Los Angeles, California since I'll be moving there over the summer. If anyone knows any LA colleges that offer Computer Programming, be sure to tell me so I can check it out! 8D It will be a huge help and will lessen my list of things to do LOL. And yesss, I want to major in Computer Programming! I want to follow my brother's footsteps on that so~ But my back up major has to be Pharmacy. :3 DOCTOR IS TOO CRAZY LOLOL. SERIOUSLY. I AM TAKING ANATOMY CLASS AND I WAS FORCED TO WATCH A BONE MARROW ASPIRATION/TRANSPLANT AND IT WAS JUST.... /cowers in the corner. They literally DRILL in you to get your bone marrow man, OUCH...

But in all reality, how does taking Anatomy better your drawing skills!? I get it if we have to actually draw them out, but nope. I get to use a coloring book. Yes, a freaking coloring book. Here's my proof:



It's actually not my ONLY coloring book LOL. My Anatomy class is also my Physiology class (or as my Filipino teacher says it, Fishiology) so I ALSO have a Physiology coloring book... Seriously?

And trust me, coloring the pages (or PLATES as the book calls them) aren't fun. AT. ALL.

Secret Cave Drawings Evolution Stamp by HeartlessKairi Secret Cave Drawings Evolution Stamp by HeartlessKairi Secret Cave Drawings Evolution Stamp by HeartlessKairi

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Top Bird

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Hello everybody~! I just want to say thank you ALL for the birthday greetings I received for the date August 24~! I stated the date because some were confused on why a few people were greeting me happy birthday when it's in another day for them. I am on the other side of  the world LOL, so my time is advanced compared to the U.S. It's already 08/25 by the time a huge amount of people started greeting me. If anyone is curious about my timezone, it's about the same (or exactly the same actually) as Melbourne, Australia.

Anyway, I am very surprised by the 30+ comments I received greeting me happy birthday. Why? Well, believe it or not, I spent my last year's birthday by myself on DeviantART because I didn't know anybody and it was around the time I started being active. I am now glad to have friends and a community in which I can celebrate my birthday with! : ) Afterall, no one likes spending it alone!

I will also like to thank all those who drew/made me gifts! : ) I absolutely love every single one of them greatly and equally! I am REALLY not used to receiving gifts on my birthday to be honest. It has always been treated like a regular day LOL so being thankful and happy is an understatement!

I would like to feature those gifts in this journal actually so all of you guys can look at all their hard work!

:iconkarudoll: :

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HBDHeartlessKairi by naniatan
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:iconslypht: :

:iconlink1245: & :iconreevesm20: :
Happy Birthday Hk by Link1245 Happy Birthday HK by reevesm20
:iconayuda96: :
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:icondreamychocola: :
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:icongreentgurl: :
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:iconshakirakairi: :
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:iconkida-kun: :
Happy Birthday Lena! by Kida-kun To Lena by Kida-kun Happy (Late) Birthday Lena! by Kida-kun
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Birthday Gift: Silence the Noise by Lavender-Star

Don't they all look lovely? ;A; Thank you so much guys~!!! I absolutely love them! If it weren't for the fact I am so so so so busy with school these days (I mean, come on, I am in 6 clubs now + preparing for uni + all these damn spontaneous homework/tests/quizzes/projects) I would make a thank you overall fanart to show my appreciation. Q__Q;;

BUT ALAS... I CANNOT... I haven't even completed Dream Drop Distance yet and that is saying something considering I refuse to stop playing until I finish a game and I got the game on the first week of August. :icontearplz: Yup, that's how busy.
So I just hope you guys will look forward to my future works. 8D;; Thank you for all the support! :iconrubcheeksplz:

If there are any late birthday gifts that I will receive, I will OFC put it here as well. <3 Thank you in advance though! : ))

I love you all. <3 :iconnarutokunplz: :iconawkwardhugplz:

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And omfg, can I just tell you how much I am in love with Neku!? His voice is so UNGFFFHUIFHIUHIIEW!!111!!1 I can listen to it FOREVER. Can I omg. Shiki you lucky lucky girl. :iconshikiishappyplz: Neku, why you no real!? Both of us can go hate the world together, you know!? His model is so cool too, except I never thought the back of his hair would look like that... but nonethelesss omg the implied partner thing I cannot. MY OTP FEELS. BBIES.

WHAT HAPPEN TO SORA LOL... His voice sounds like reverse puberty I swear. It's even worse than his KH I's voice. And his personality too just screams HERP DERP. I was totally laughing during the YenSid scene where he was like "I DUN NEEDZ 2 TAKE EXAM... RYT RIKU!?!?11!!!? 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD" Seriously, I cannot... And Joshua too, omfg his voice. WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU... I want to punch him the face and he's not even a trolling king like he was in TWEWY.

SO... I WAS LIKE WTF IS THIS. WHY AM I STILL IN LEVEL 3 NO MATTER HOW MANY MONSTERS I KILL... I'm not even kidding omfg. I went through Traverse Town AND Notre Dame in Proud Mode as only level 3. I cannot... I KEEP GETTING MY ASS KICKED BY THE BOSS IN NOTRE DAME ON SORA... I PASSED THE ONE FOR RIKU BUT WTF MAN. WHY AM I NOT LEVELING. WHY KIND OF HORRIBLE GLITCH IS THIS.... until my fangirling buddy said to check if 'Zero EXP' ability is on... AND IT WAS.

WTF SE. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE SUCH A HORRIBLE ABILITY. I DON'T RUN FROM MONSTERS YOU $^(*#^($(#@^(#. :iconokayfaceplz: My spirits are already like level 20 while I was stuck on level 3. I can't. brb I must commit suicide right now. :iconlazygallowplz:

My beloved wondernyan, which btw is 'Meow Wow' in English LMAOOOOOO, rejects me always. :iconallmytearplz: I KEEP PETTING IT AND SHOWERING ALL MAH LOVE TO HER AND ALL SHE DOES IS *GROWL* *SNARL* *BITES* :iconokayfaceplz:.... So much for TLC. :iconokayfaceplz:

The animal abuse in this I can't... who freaking aims a paint gun to an animal to change its color and who the heck would throw a huge ass panda/elephant across the screen LOL... Not to mention all the pole dancing I had to go through. Yep, some 'Fantasy Violence' you have there Kingdom Hearts...


Flowmotion is supposed to make your life easier the game said. PLZ. I KEEP BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS TO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF  WHERE I AM GOING. NOT TO MENTION BECAUSE OF FLOMOTION, I KEEP FALLING OFF &$#*&$&(@#$(*#@. What is normal attacking and walking in this game. ALL THE MONSTERS BURN MY EYES. THE NEON COLORS EVERYWHERE. I can't. AND THE NAMES TOO I CANNOT. What kind of name is Hocko Monkey, Meow Wow, etc. LMAO.

I totally love Riku more than ever in this game. He is so UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. SHO CUTE HIS PERSONALITY I CAN'T. I love his haircut omg, but not when he's wearing his KH II attire LOL. It still looks really good on him though. *A* But Sora... man, what happen to you HAHA. Regardless all my brotp soriku feels. My Beat/Rhyme sibling-otp feels. ALL MY FEELS. MY KH (AND TWEWY) FEELS ARE BACK.

Now excuse me while I go try to make up for my super low level. :icontearplz:... And try to get my Meow Wow to love me. :iconokayfaceplz:...
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Fear more of my lame sasusaku edits fufufufu~

Why hello there stranger! How are you today? As some of you have noticed, I changed my DA icon to a Sakura one~ :la: My pixel skillz lol what skillz are still poor though. :iconlazycryplz: It's originally a full body pixel but I only liked how her head looked like... The white stuffy around my name also bothers the hell out of me and my OCD sob. I give up on trying to fix it. So, what do you think of it? :la: I'm still part of my beloved KH family though, I just wanna have another icon for a while or so. xDDD Not to mention I must show off my Naruto obsession omg. I'm still in that phase. XDDD

Anyway, YES! I got Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance! But where are my KH feels. :iconmingplz: It was a funny story getting it actually, you have to hear it omg.

So considering I am a home hermit, when I was forced to face the sun, which btw burns the hell outta my eyes after so long, I finally got my bum to the mall. I saw the huge pop-up in front of Gamestop of DDD and I was like: "Omfg, it's here!!!111@@@@" So I went to the counter and waddya know... I got a cute guy as the one who would be helping me fufufufu :iconlazeplz: So I asked if they have DDD which was a stupid question really but he was like: I'll go check the system. I was staring at him since the game just came out and they have to check the system...? I shrugged and waited anyway. My eyes wandered around until I caught myself staring directly at the shelf in front of me which held dozen of copies of DDD. I glanced back at the guy and he was having trouble searching for it on the computer. I was so amused at this that I didn't say anything LMAO and I was able to keep a straight face.

A few seconds later, he was STILL searching and I was thinking, 'are you srs...'. And then I looked down at the counter and I saw the booklet of DDD RIGHT THERE VISIBLE TO BOTH OF OUR EYES... I was seriously about to crack up; he had a serious face on trying to look DDD up on the computer HAHAHA. He turned around to his left to look at the games there, which by the way, was the complete opposite of where the DDD copies were... and then he turned back to his system and kept on searching HAHA. And then suddenly he whipped his face back again but this time to the right and VOILA, he saw them DDD copies. And he turned to his co-worker saying 'Oh... right. What was I talking about hahaha...' since he was on the verge of telling me he didn't find any HAHA.

Then he started asking me all these questions.

Do you have a reservation?
- Nope.

Would you like to buy a warranty?
- Nope.

Are you a member of the Power Save (or whatever it was)...?
- /shakes head

Would you like to buy a warranty?
- ... No.

Have you made any reservations for the upcoming games...?
- /stares No...


I was so close to saying "PLZ... I AM BROKE." So he FINALLY told me the friggin total of the game which was $42. Holy crap, 358/2 Days and Re: Coded was never THIS expensive... DAMN YOU SE. When he gave me the receipt he was STILL talking about some damn warranty and shiz and to take the survey online and whatnot. Seriously, I just wanted to :iconfliptableplz: When he handed my change he was like: three dollars and two--- I meant one cent. Here, lemme go get you a bag.

SERIOUSLY. He was so amusing omg HAHA. :iconfacebooklikeplz: Cute guy and not to mention dorky. 8D This totally made my day.


lulz, I joked to my mum asking "Mummyyyy, borrow me $150? 8DD" and she was like: "Sure." I stared at her in disbelief until she gave me a dollar... LOLOLOLOOL, she thought I meant $1.50 :iconokayfaceplz:...


I only have 5 days left of vacation creyz. Damn you DDD. Why did you come out at the END of my summer!?!?! SIGH. OH WELL. DDD AND THAT DAMN 3DS IS AN EARLY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO MYSELF... :iconforeveraloneguyplz: Freaking have to spend $213 to PLAY DDD. :iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz::iconfliptableplz: F U TOO NOMURA. Thank god I don't really buy anything.

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Hey guys! Long time no talk! So um, yesterday (July 20th) marked my actual 1st year here on DA. My profile says I've been here for 5 years but that's a lie LMAO. My friend forced me to make one and when I did, I didn't bother to use it ever again. XD So yeah, happy belated 1st DAversary to me! I actually didn't notice it until :iconayuda96: tagged me in a journal and I was answering her questions LMAO. God, I spent my whole day that day fixing the hell out of my tumblr, TOTALLY AWAY FROM DeviantArt. Good job, Kai, good job. :iconokayfaceplz:

So I want to do a small drawings whatevs/improvement through the year which is actually inspired by :icongumi-harue: when she did hers~ So here we go!

:star: Drawings: :star:

So this is my first drawing for my first year here! It's not my first SoKai fanart ever, but it is my first KH fanart that I've actually posted on DA. God it looks horrible LOL.

My first digital fanart! Oh god, it looks disgusting LMAO... I had Paint Tool Sai but I was still a n00b and uncomfortable with it so I stuck with Paint.NET for this one. This looks disgusting I can't. Sora's right hand is so wrong and Kairi's bracelets are on the wrong hand SOB. I totally wanna redo this... but I is too lazy to do re-do's. ,___,

Sept. 17, 2011 was my first year celebrating SoKai Day but I unfortunately missed the deadline by far LOL... I remember back then I said I would put a paopu fruit somewhere in all my SoKai fanarts. I went overload with this one though...

I remember this sonofabtch fanart. The scarf took me SO LONG to finish, even longer than coloring/shading Sora and Kairi combined. It was so damn tedious AHIIFHHOIhiowhow. I can still feel my frustration with it. The VanXion version was a breeze afterward LMAOO. Forever cheating. But you can see the differences in both versions though, I didn't just recolor. The VanXion one was also my first time in being a victim in art theft... And that person is STILL not banned.

Not only is this my first animation, it's also my first time in drawing it directly on the computer. It was hard at first but was easier than I thought. I still like this animation until today. XD One of my very very very few faves.

My most recent fanart! Though it won't be in two days... But yeah. Compare this to the rest of those horrifying fanart that I've done in the past LOL. Not that this one is not horrifying as well, 'cuz you know. I fail in everything that I do. and I must accept that fact. :iconokayfaceplz: But you can totally see the massive improvement from my first digital fanart to this. xDDD
:star: MMD: :star:

This is actually my first ever MMD pic that I have not posted on DA 'cuz well... look at it. It sucks so bad LOL... But it wasn't that bad for a first shot I guess... But it took me a couple of hours. Q___Q;

First MMD picture that I posted on DA. It's simple but it also took a while, especially that damn paopu fruit urgh. MMD you test my patience too much.

This is the first MMD picture where I actually took the time and edit it on an art program, specifically Paint.NET. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner lulz. It makes my pics look slightly bearable.

First time using such an effect~! It was such a &*(@#^$^*(@( though LMAO. It took me sososososo much time to actually use it properly ARGH. But it was worth it in the end~!

Now this MMD picture is the first time I try changing the lighting on Photoshop and I gotta say, PS I love you, where have you been all my life LOL. Not that I don't blame myself considering PS has shtload of buttons everywhere, I can't. This is my favorite MMD picture that I've done thus far!

Even though this isn't my recent recent MMD pic, it's second to recent. I love them sky concepts that I couldn't help but do them again in this pic. Not to mention, this one and the one before this one was the first time I convey my life feelings into a scenery using my OTP. I'm not fond of OCs or anything because really, what's there to really fangirl over not to mention it'll just waste my time, I like conveying stuff through my OTPs because it benefits me and makes the people who actually ship the pairing happier~
So these are my 12-13 improvement fails over my first year here on DA LOL. Q___Q; I hope to improve more and more as I progress through this year! So far, I think I'm doing a pretty decent job considering how I'm a mouse/laptop track pad user. I don't gots the ability to sketch something fast in like 5 mins but look so pro at the same time. I still have a long way to go before I even reach that LOL. God knows how many times I erase in my sketches... But now, I don't even use traditional stuff anymore like paper and pencil. I draw directly on Paint Tool Sai now which is a lot more convenient for me surprisingly. So I'm probably gonna continue to do that. xD I wouldn't have made this far if it wasn't for Paint Tool Sai, seriously. All them tools, especially curve tool & clipping, I. LOVE. YOU. :iconletmehugyouplz:

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Yes, both SasuSaku edits are made by me LOL. My poor skillz. :iconokayfaceplz:
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Looks like I got hit with depression again this summer. It's always been like this since 2009. The one thing I like about school is that it is a distraction. It makes me think less on my personal thoughts and focus more on school-related activities. With summer here and no school to distract me, I'm just a depressing mess.

Have you ever been left behind? Been told that you will always have contact with the person who said it? Been into that state of mind where you just want to throw up or chest starts hurting and you want nothing more than to just go home and lock yourself in your room around the beginning of the school year? That's me.

Seems like while everyone is living their lives forward, I continue living full blown into the past. I can't connect with them anymore.

There were two people in my life who actually dragged me out of this mess around the beginning of the last school year. I always come home to their comments which served as comfort to me every day. It just so happens that one of them was one of my best friends and the other was my crush. We stopped talking when Christmas was coming close and soon enough, that best friend just... disappeared. I haven't talked to her since then. And as for my crush, he's been going out a lot lately which is surprising considering he usually just stay at home and stuff. When the three of us stopped talking, I just shut myself out of the real world and I became the hardest person to contact.

I got to pull myself together. I told my crush that I was gonna see them again at their graduation on June 15. Maybe then it will calm my heart. But right now, I'm just gonna lay it low for a bit. I have no motivation for anything.

June 15 will end this. Hopefully.

Sorry for the depressing journal, but it felt good now that I let it out. I don't usually give out personal info about myself because I have trust issues, but right now I had to do it. I'll be making myself a personal blog to post these kinds of stuff though, so rest assured that this is the first (and hopefully last) personal journal you'll read/have on your journal notification. : )

Till later.

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Was too lazy to make my own journal decoration so I just stole my group's journal decoration.

Hey guys! Long time since I've last talked about my summer goals/to-do list. How is that going...?




I'M BEING SPLIT INTO 6 FANDOMS ATM. :iconwhywouldffffplz: FML.

Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII/-2, Pokémon, Fairy Tail, The World Ends With You, Naruto (because of the SasuSaku feels on their new movie Road to Ninja)

:iconfliptableplz: This is going sooooo well...

So this is really gonna be hard for me since my mood totally depends on which one I'm into for the day. And right now... I'm into SasuSaku again. :iconffffplz: Curse the new movie! I'm totally gonna be disappointed it once I know who Sasuke really is. :iconokayfaceplz: It's way too good to be true. I mean, I've been waiting since 700 epis and 500 chapters (I'm probably exaggerating?) ago for any development for these two and then Kishimoto decided to do my super expired dream just now. I actually can't believe it's still on-going. The first time I've watched Naruto was when I was like... 8? And now I'm a super old grandma. >:T Oh well. I'm so gonna watch it for my SasuSaku feels that are totally unrequited. Q_______Q

However, now that the new FF13-2 Hope model is finally out on XNAlara, I can start spreading them faster! <3 God knows how long it takes me to even draw just one of them. :iconotlplz:

All in all, I hope you guys will like my super random fanart all over the place cause haha... handling 6 fandoms is not gonna be fun.

Oh! And I made new gallery folder covers! : ) I hope you like them! Too lazy to update my favorite folder covers though...'

Won't be doing any tag journals for a while. I know how annoying they are so I'll stop. xD


Hey! Since no one really cares about knowing more about me, I'll start with my summer (internet) goals / to-do list!

As stated in my last journal, I'm trying my hardest to spread the love of Vanille x Hope, a ridiculously underloved pairing I've heard yet with many hints in the game. :T The fanart had stopped years ago and I'm here to bring it back! I may be a nobody in the world of DA but I'm hoping that my love for them will reach pro artists out there! Already started the movement here, tumblr, and pixiv.

My other summer (internet) goal is to make tons of fanart for the up-coming SoKai Day 2012 which is on September 17, the KH I release day! :la: I will be starting early as July. Why? Because last year was a damn fail. I started on one during August and didn't even get to finish it until AFTER SoKai Day due to school. |||OTL Damn you teachers who think it's funny to assign us projects/essays already.

I hope you guys will join this movement with me! : ) I'd absolutely would more than LOVE to see more Vanille/Hope and Sora/Kairi in my deviations! :iconlawooplz:

Here is a preview of my To-Do list that I don't mind sharing with my watchers. Trust me, there is more to it than this but the unmentioned are a surprise.

Kiss PLZs:
- Snow x Serah
- Ventus x Fuu (for Kiome-Yasha)
- Riku x Kairi (KH I)
- Vanitas x Xion
- Natsu x Lucy
- Green x Leaf
- Red x Leaf
- Sasuke x Sakura

- More Vanille/Hope stickers
- RokuShi Sticker (Promotion for RokuShi Day 2012 which is on June 20 by the way!)
- VanXion Sticker
- SoKai Stickers (Kiddies, KH I, and KH II for SoKai Day 2012)

- Kida-kun's super delayed final belated birthday gift Work on Progress
- MissKirie's graduation gift
- Finish that Serah preview on my Art Dump journal
- Serah and Kairi crossover
- Sasuke x Sakura fanart
- Green/Leaf + Red/Leaf fanart
- More fanart of my beloved OTPs

- More MMD SoKai
- More XNAlara Vanille/Hope

Pixel Art:
- New surprise pixel plzs project

New Media ???:
- ??? Work on Progress
- ???

I am most likely not going to finish this list by the end of my summer LOL. But it will sure keep me productive! Must... fight... laziness! :icontearplz:


Kay so here goes the questions I've been tagged to answer. Read if you want to know more about a nobody named HeartlessKairi. XD
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 People to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

1. I have a weird phobia of the gecko or whatever that thing is on the Geico commercials. :T
2. I am the female version of the Hulk when angered.
3. People have told me I give off that 'omg-we-barely-know-each-other-atm-but-I-can-trust-you-with-my-secret/life-story' vibe.
4. I don't (usually) cuss but I cuss all the time in my mind.
5. The world just loves to test and anger me.

:iconpz12:'s questions:

1. What do you hate?
- Liars. Backstabbers. People who think I can't see what the hell they're doing behind my back.

2. What kind of art style do you have?
- A very poor one. Q_Q

3. Do you like any yaoi pairings?
- Nopes.

4.Whats your favorite thing to do?
- SLEEP. 8D And fangirl

5. Who is the person you love the most?
- My mum.

6. What was the happiest moment of your life?
- The second to the last day of school during my sophomore year and June 15. :')

7. Are you still in school?
- Yes, but right now it's summer break.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
- Have more courage and faith.

9. What is the worst thing you ever done?
- Said I'll be there for that person but I turned out to be just like everybody else to her...

10. What's your Favorite Anime/Manga?
- I have lots to choose from, but I love Fairy Tail!

11. What artistic abilities do you wish to have?
- The ability to understand anatomy, background, and coloring. XD Basically, EVERYTHING. :iconwtfusayplz:
:iconmadiical:'s questions:
1. Do you like Kingdom Hearts and if so, what is your favorite paring?
- 'Course I do and I believe my favorite pairing is obvious. : )

2. What is your dream job?
- Be a game designer.

3. If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
- My super fat cheeks. :T

4. Do you like scary stuff?
- No. ;_;'

5. What scares you the most?
- Having the people who said they'll be there for you not be there.

6. If you could date anyone (can be real or not real) who would it be?
- Who cares about real life? Ohohoho. RED FROM POKEMON (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)<33333333333

7. Favorite book?
- The Bar Code Tattoo or The Lord of the Flies

8. What is the latest you have ever slept in/stayed up?
- Latest I stayed up was like... the whole day. x_o Cursed school projects.

9. Funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
- I had this dream where my crush was my dog king . . .

10. Do you like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?
- ... No. Ponies scare me.

11. Do you like the anime Clannad?
- There is no anime that I have watched that is as tearjerking as Clannad. Seriously. My eyes are already teary just by thinking about that anime. Q_Q;
:iconkairipapou123:'s questions:

1. What does love mean to you?
- Love is something that never goes away. Even though you don't love that person anymore, deep down in your heart, you still do. The feeling is just dormant, waiting to rise up again. There are a lot of different kinds of love too. Some people are just too blind to see them.

2. Do you like taking pictures?
- Not of myself.

3. Have you cosplayed before? Where?
- I never cosplayed in my life. The close I have was wearing cat ears at the AnimeCon 2009 in California.

4. The sea or the mountains? Why?
- Sea. It's a lot more beautiful to me. The scenery is perfect up high.

5. Who's your favorite Disney princess?  Guys who's your favorite Marvel character? Why?
- Belle! : ) I love reading and I admired her courage to see beyond the Beast's appearance and fall in love with him.

6. Whats your hair like naturally?
- Black and straight.

7. Whats your best subject?
- Math.

8. Whats your favorite sport?
- Mmm... Basketball?

9. Would you rather fly or have magic?
- Magic. 8D Because I can use magic to levitate myself. :iconheplz: You see what I did there?

10. Would you rather be a Final fantasy character or Kingdom Hearts character? Why?
- Oh damn, that's hard HAHA. But I think I'll go with a Final Fantasy character. Kingdom Hearts is in serious full of fail and trippiness right now, more than any  Final Fantasy game.

11.Do you want to change your DA account Name?
- After going out of my way to get this name 5 years ago? Nah.
:iconaquakairigirlxxx:'s questions

1. What's your favorite food?
- Sinigang (a Filipino dish) OFC!

2. What's your favorite disney character?
- Mulan. : )

3. Who's your best friend?
- In DA :iconslypht:.

4. What game would you like for your birthday?
- Oh my god. Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2, AND Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. But I need the game systems too. SIGH.

5. What's your favourite food?
- Question already answered.

6. Are you caring and sweet?
- That's what all people say but really, I have tons of rage bottled up LOL...

7. How many siblings do you have, if you have any that is?
- Three older brothers.

8.What's your favorite movie of all time?
- Mmm... That's hard considering I don't watch movies that often. BUT RIGHT NOW IT'S THE AVENGERS! :iconcannotevenplz: Omg Clint/Natasha FTWWWW.

9. What's your least favorite movie?
- The one I watched with my mum today LOL. It's a Filipino movie called 'Every Breath You Take'. The girl is so stupid. Sigh.

10. Favorite kind of music?
- I love romance songs.

11. What's your favourite disney princess?
- Question answered.
:iconchriston-clivef:'s questions:

1. Do you know "Skip Beat"?  That's really a good manga/anime.8D
- I've heard about it but never actually read/watched it. XD

2. Do you know "Natsume Yuujinshou"? That's good too.8D
- Nope! D:

3. Do you read novels?
- Mhm! Most of the time forced to because of school. XD

4. Do you love yaoi or yuri? And if you do, do you draw them?
- No. Since I take yaoi/yuri as boyxboy porn/girlxgirl porn, I do not. Heck, I don't like to see any porn period.

5. Do you love lineless arts more or arts with lines more? And which one you prefer to draw?
- I think they are both wonderful! c: Linearting is a pain in the butt though. x_x; But it makes my digital art better.

6. What is your ambition? Do you wanna work in aspect of arts?
- Going for computer programming/game programming. One day Square Enix… one day… I wanted to in the past but not so much anymore.

7. What is your favorite game?
- The one I've played? Kingdom Hearts. XD

8. Do your parents know you have a DA account?
- Nah, but I don't worry about it since they know I have an FB LOL so it can't be bad.

9. Will you show your arts to your family members? And if you do, what do they say about your arts?
- Sometimes though they find me drawing as pointless.

10. What do you want the most during your birthday?
- To not go to school LOL.

11. What manga/anime/game character do you like the most?
- Starts with a K! 8D
:iconvichan91312:'s questions:
1. Do you like Final Fantasy?
- Yes! Although I only played 2 FF games, FFX and FFX-2.

2. Which Final Fantasy you like most?
- If it is an FF game I played, FFX definitely! If not, FFXIII. : D

3. What's genre you prefer to read/watch?
- Sucker for love stories. But I love humor too! : D

4. Did you like, hate, or scared of horror movie?
- I never will watch scary movies by myself, that's for sure lol.

5. Prefer be a writer, artist, or illustrator?
- That's pretty hard since I love all three… But artist!

6.  What's your dream?
- To work with Square Enix as a game designer! /SHOT

7. What you gonna do if someone that 'know' you and you 'know' them, steal your art or copy it?
- I will rage at that person and tell him or her to take it off. 8| I spent all my time on that art and it should only be reserved for ME ONLY.

8. What kind of people you hate most?
- Hmm… One who sugarcoats me but goes behind my back and say the opposite of what was said to me, a leader who is absolutely biased in a group, one who annoys the hell out of me even though I tell them to stop, one who steals my ideas, etc. I got hate on lots of people. General terms.

9. What do you do if you found people steal other people work?
- Report him or her of course.

10. Game or Anime/Manga? (Choose.)
- Hardest choice of my life LOL. But I lived with playing games so games!

11. What did you do if people respond your comment like they dislike it?
- Be blunt about it and treat them the way they treat me.
:iconkida-kun:'s questions:
1.) What are your interests ?
- I'm interested in tons of things. XD But right now, KH, FFXIII/-2, and POKEMON! 8D

2.) Are you getting lazy when you know it's almost holidays ?
- Already the holidays and I'm lazying around LOL. :iconlazycryplz:

3.) Who are your the idols c: ?
:iconslypht:: My bestie is absolutely pro in everything LOL. :iconkissingplz: I admire her ability to draw fast since she always post art when she comes on DA. Very pro in icon making and ESPECIALLY in cell shading! :la: BESTIEEEE TEACH MEEEE! :iconmoogleglompplz:
:iconkida-kun:: OFC YOU'RE MY IDOL TOO MY LINA<3333 Your ability to do traditional AND digital art never fails to amaze me. ;A;<33
:iconkarudoll:: WHO DOESN'T HAVE THIS PERSON AS THEIR IDOL? :iconallofusplz: Super admire her artistic talents and cellshading and practically everything! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL KARURU LOL.
:iconczerika:: Again, who doesn't have this person as his/her idol?! *A* I absolutely ADORE her art and coloring! Her ability to sketch in about 5 minutes never fails to blow my mind. Although our pairings are complete opposites, I love all her artwork!
:iconcherriuki:: She has been my idol since Day 1 I had a DA account. XD Her traditional artworks are absolutely MINDBLOWING and that's just it, she's a TRADITIONAL artist but look at all her works! They are all absolutely amazing and look beyond traditional! She is my idol forever!
:iconvichan91312:: To be able to draw and color so pro as only a mouse user too, I adore! I love every single one of her artwork!
:iconheleannor:: My MMD idol! :3 Her ability to rig models professionally and the facials expressions are outstanding! I love her models and I'm glad she took time and effort in all of them!

4.) Favourite character ?
- Depends on my fandom but my ultimate favorite character is ofc, Kairi! :dummy:

5.) Favourite cake ?

6.) Why did you name yourself on DA like that?
- Because I love the contradiction in my name! :la:

7.) Are you often using Onion Tou Emoticons XD ?
- 24/7 ON MSN! XD

8.) 5 things you're happy about at the moment?
- It's summer. My brain can rest.
- Vanille/Hope seems to be rising little by little! It's improvement!
- I'm playing Pokémon again /blaming karuru!
- My sleepover with my friends is coming up!
- It's summer. My brain can rest. Loving how I'm shading hair in my fanart!

9.) Single/Taken ouo ?
- Forever alone. :iconforeveraloneguyplz:

10.) What kind of messengers/social networks do you use ?
- MSN and Facebook. XD Though I don't go on the latter as much as my mum does on my account. :T
Tagged by :iconvichan91312: & :iconchriston-clivef: to tell 10 things about myself.
1. I'm a boring person.
2. My typo failings are epic. :T
3. I'm angry 24/7 but don't show it.
4. I know things you might think I don't know.
5. I didn't eat for 2-3 days because of a huge ass spider my mum refused to remove near the rice cooker. :T
6. I sick my cat, Macy, at any cockroach or bugs around my house.
7. My exaggeration is apparently funny to people, even though I'm actually serious.
8. I was raised with having adults as my friends (online).
9. I used to play RPGs like Secret of Solstice, Dragonica, etc.
10. I have bought every single Pokémon game except its opposite (with the exception of Pokémon  Platinum) and those games where you're actually the Pokémon itself.
My Questions:

1. What is your strange phobia?

2. What is the strangest crack pairing you've heard yet?

3. Kairi, Namine, and Xion came together and performed a trinity limit. What will their trinity consist of? (Come on. Be imaginative and not mention any 'light' in the answer.)

4. What was your first Square Enix game OTP?

5. What is the most underloved pairing to you in KH/FF?

6. Think of an OTP right now and type it down. What is your rant about it?

7. What was the sweetest birthday gift you've ever received?

8. How do you show you're angry at someone?

9. Do you act different on the internet compared to real life?

10. Who is your KH/FF role model (aka game character)? Why?

11. Who is the hardest character to draw?

No one likes being tagged so I'll just leave these questions here for people who wants to answer in my comments. xD

YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. I BROKE THE RULES. YOU MAD? But I'd love to hear the answers from my watchers so we can learn more about each other! :'D
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... for two months only.

I'm finally finished with my final exams! HOOORAYYYYY! God, my last final exam was the the second hardest exam I have ever taken in my life. :T Seriously... most of my final exams were CRAZY. How crazy? Well... let's see...

History: 45 minutes to compose an essay + 50 questions
English: Got tested on the 72 stories I have read throughout this whole year.
Fitness: Had to list all the muscles, heart muscles, contractions, movements, etc. <--- HARDEST TEST EVER.
Spanish II: I knew what the question was asking, but all the choices omfg, all of them were words that we did not learn at all. Not to mention there were 185 questions total.


But I can finally start working on those (super late birthday) gifts for my friends and seriously start the Vanille/Hope spread movement! So far my group has 67 members and 75 watchers in only one month. :3 I hope it continues to grow!

If interested in joining the group, just click this! -> :iconvanillexhope-fc:

But don't worry! I'll still be doing KH art OFC. :') I think it's finally time to stop neglecting my ultimate OTP SoKai now and start drawing them LOL... Last time I drew them was Christmas 2011. QAQ GOD I'M SUCH A DISGRACE.

So I hope you'll look forward for all the things that I'll be posting! I'm finally getting used to XNAlara so expect more pics from that program. 8D And I'll OFC continue making those kiss PLZs! I'm far from done with those... really far from done. :icontearplz:
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Tease Preview of my 100th Deviation + Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 13, 2012, 10:25 PM

So my Spring Break is over... :icontearplz: And Summer break starts in May 19... I'll be super busy until then since I have to take my SAT test in May and not to mention my finals exams. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---------

And I have to work on :iconkida-kun:'s birthday gift too...  TIME WHY YOU NO PAUSE FOR A WHILE?

So like most of my KH family, I'll be gone until then. ; A ; I'll check up on DA once in a while of course to reply and stuff. But until then... No more deviations from me (with the exception of my 100th deviation and my birthday gift to Kida-kun.)

ANYWAY... Speaking of 100th deviation, here's a little sneak preview of it~ ;D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Damn right it's a VanuHopu one. :iconkissingplz: I just need to do a few more here and there. VANILLE IS SO HARD TO DRAW FFFFFFFFFFF....

But this will be my... 2nd contribution (first was :iconvanillehopekiss1plz::iconvanillehopekiss2plz:) to my new group :iconvanillexhope-fc:~ Please join! 8D Moral support or not, anyone is welcome. :3 But don't feel like you're obliged to join ofc, I understand.

VANUHOPU FOREVERRRR!!! :iconbunnyglompplz::iconkittyglompplz::iconpuppyglompplz:

Now I have to go since I'm forced to go to my best friends' prom. Ugh, wish me luck. It's so hard considering I'm no longer going to that school. Makes me feel like an outsider. ):

And this is probably my last pretty looking journal since my PM expires in less than a week! Thank you anon (I know who you are but I won't publicize you XD) for the 3-month membership! ; 3 ;  I really enjoyed it~

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New Vanille x Hope FC Group!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 9:53 AM

So I finally went ahead and made my precious OTP a group before my PM expires! :la: The group icon... |||OTL I hope it doesn't look disappointing since it took  forever for me to get the lighting right.

I want this couple to spread. Ever since I started watching cutscenes of these two, it really makes me wonder: Why isn't this pairing popular as it should be? :iconfliptableplz:

Ever since I made my kiss PLZ of them, it has inspired a few people to start making fanart of them and I'm absolutely touched by it. Hopefully, I'll get more people to like them and this group is where it starts.

It may be small for now, but I hope it grows with each passing day. : ) I'm determined to show the world the potential these two have. < 3 And trust me, they have a lot of potential, more than you think you know.

So come on in and join! :la: /fail advertisement


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What do you think about Math? (Please answer.)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2012, 10:12 PM
This is a serious question, kay? XD

I'm doing a project which involves making a math magazine with two of my friends.

And I need to know what people think about it, hands down honest opinion. I don't want to just look it up on the internet and pull it off from there. I don't think that's what real reporters do.

So here are some basis questions I would like to ask people to answer:

1. Which out of this list did you find the most complicated one?
- Algebra I
- Algebra II
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- Pre-Calculus
- Calculus
- Statistics

2. What was usually the problem when trying to understand math?
- The teacher doesn't teach it very well.
- The wordings such as in word problems are complicated.
- Setting up the problem.
- There were more letters than there were numbers.
- Too much formulas to memorize.
- Having a mindset of "I'll never use this in life."

3. What kind of math problems do you like doing?
- Word problems
- Trig functions
- Proofs
- Plugging into the equation
- Probability

4. How useful has math been in your life?
- Every day of my life.
- Useful.
- Average.
- Math never helped me.

You don't have to be limited to this questionnaire. Tell me your personal experience. What was your first reaction to math? Is it the same as it is now? What is your advice to other people about math?

Any quotes (your own quotes) will be awesome. : ) Of course, you have the option if you want me to make it anonymous or not.

Any help will be great! : DDD Please. :iconotlplz:


Aside from that, I'm making my Older!HopuVanu art. * A * It's taking me forever because I want it special for my 100th deviation, my almost 10,000 views, and my almost 200 watchers. 8D /somanyhappy tears. :iconimcryingsomuchplz:

Not to mention, it'll be the start of my Older!HopuVanu fanart spread. * u * THIS COUPLE. NEEDS MORE LOVE DAMMIT. FHEOFHOQWHDOQOIDQ. WHY AREN'T YOU LOVED ENOUGH. :icontearplz:

Contemplating if I should make a group for them too. The ONLY VanuHopu group
(:iconvanilla-hope:)'s name sort of bothers me. XD Not to mention only 200+ watchers over the past 2 years. THIS I CANNOT ACCEPT. EVER.

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So happy to see more Older Hope x Vanille art!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2012, 2:47 AM

asiwhfihqwfehiowehofw. You don't know how HAPPY I am that I've been getting people to draw these two ever since I made a kiss PLZ of them~ :iconkissingplz:


I'm absolutely ecstatic about it! :iconexcitedlaplz: Oh my gosh, I never felt so influential before. XD

So far, I know 4-5 people who said they're gonna do VanuHopu (my lame smosh name for them /shot) art when they saw my kiss plz. :iconkissingplz: I can't WAIT to see them! These two absolutely  NEED more love! And I've been DYING to see Older Hope x Vanille art more than anything else. 8D;; I swear, if the Older Hope model comes out in XNALARA, I'm so gonna go download that since I see no models of them on MMD. (Though I really can't wait for the Shiki and Neku model from DDD to come out on MMD too!)

These twoooo. < 3 Oh my gosh. My precious OTP. :iconhappytearsplz:

Here are some art of them that were made after my kiss PLZ!:

Glomp! - FFXIII by SailorLi I Missed You by MadameWinter

I also recommend reading this one-shot by :iconpuppynoelle:! TattooTattoo
Summary: Not all types of brands come from unfortunate encounters. FFXIII2. HopexVanille. Fluff.
It was a scorching hot afternoon in the Yaschas Massif, and Hope Estheim was on his hands and knees digging into a rock bed. He and his team had only been set up in the camp for a few days. He wasn't even entirely sure why he had chosen to excavate here, but it simply felt right. And oddly enough, he felt motivated. So motivated in fact, that he himself was digging away. Normally he left the digging to the excavators, but this time he needed both the privacy and the distraction.
He had had another dream about her last night. Not that dreaming of her curly flame-colored hair or bright green eyes was anything new to Hope, but last night's dream was just so vivid. In his dream, he replayed a scene from ten years ago. They were in the Yaschas Massif, like now, only the sky was beginning to darken. He remembered, it was right after he had teased Vanille by tell

It's really sweet~ * A * I practically read it every day.

I know :iconmisskirie: is making me a VanuHopu art. :iconheplz: Be sure to be on a look out for that too! fhiewgfigweofiwe. I wanna see more art of these two. ; A ;

And just like Snow said in FF XIII:
:iconsnowvilliersplz:: "One big, fat stroke of luck after another. I'm so happy I could cry."

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Ehhh... I don't wanna post my eye gauging traditional art in my main gallery so I made this journal just for it. :3 Maybe I will post it to my main gallery, but I have to really like it. ,_,;

May 05, 2012:
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Had this sketched out how many days ago after another fangirling session with :iconkarudoll:. What the rest of this image will contain will be OFC, a surprise. Only three people know what the content of this drawing. :iconheplz:

Oh, and it was a new experiment on how I should shade hair. IT LOOKS SO DAMN MESSY HAHA. And a little on cell shading. God, what is cell shading. :iconotlplz: Another work I'll finish during the summer.

April 03, 2012:
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Hope Estheim

Hope. Your hair. WHY.

This guy is so hard to draw ajsihdiohfiow. Yet he's so adorable (gorgeous in FF XIII-2). I can't draw  his eyes to save my life. Q___Q

How on earth am I going to draw Older Hope without making him like a girl. Q___Q

March 31, 2012:
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Kairi, Lightning, Xion, Serah, Naminé, and Vanille

I haven't drawn anything for about a month now. The Kairi Queen of Diamonds and RiKai were drawn a long time ago. I had nothing to do for an hour or two since I was waiting for a play so I decided to draw all over my friend's notes. XD

I love how Vanille and Naminé turned out the most. ; A ; Mind you, I didn't erase, probably just two or three times since my friend's eraser suck.


Oh yeah, this was drawn with no reference either. xD
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